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the coupon in the field and click on apply, this message appears and the final total reflects the discount. The description is only visible in the admin panel. Nell'area amministratore wp-admin, dentro la sezione Woocommerce, troverai la voce Codici promozionali. A free shipping method must be enabled for this. 'option 'Visa' / Used to specify additional info about a checkout stage,.g.

Qty / In the case of checkout actions, an additional actionFieldObject can / specify a checkout step and option. 'affiliation 'Google Store - Online / Affiliation (string). Or you can set a restricted number of times a single customer can use the coupon. Creative text No The creative associated with the promotion (e.g.

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Allow free shipping, check it if the coupon also grants free shipping. Transaction level information like total revenue, tax, etc. For example: ga send 'event 'Ecommerce 'Refund 'nonInteraction 1 You can measure refunds in only views (profiles) that have enabled Enhanced Ecommerce. Checkout Initiating the checkout process for one or more products. Sconto prodotto, in percentuale sul prodotto, regalare la Spedizione gratuita. This is useful in cases where youve measured a checkout step during the initial pageview but additional information about the same checkout step is available after a user selected option has been set. Figure 1 : Ecommerce Setup - Checkout Funnel Measuring Internal Promotions The enhanced ecommerce plug-in includes support for measuring impressions and clicks of internal promotions, such as banners displayed to promote a sale on another section of a website. Buy product from selected category and get discount for another product from this or other category. For instance, it could be a coupon worth 100. By default, the global currency is used for all items and transactions. To measure this product details view, use ec:addProduct and ec:setAction to specify a detail action: ga create 'UA-xxxxx-Y ga require 'ec ga ec:addProduct 'id 'P12345 'name 'Android Warhol T-Shirt 'category 'Apparel 'brand 'Google 'variant 'black' ga ec:setAction 'detail ga send 'pageview / Send product details. Either this field or name must be set.

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